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Research objectives

Objectives of WP1

  • To review the key construction parameters that determine service life performance and how they influence performance for different types of asphalt layers and different climate conditions.
  • To review existing knowledge in different European countries on construction processes and specifications, and to understand how these influence the performance of the key performance indicators.
  • To evaluate and structure the information in such a way that they give valuable input to WP2 and WP3.

Objectives of WP2

  • The objective of  this WP is to create a risk based tool that assists NRAs as well as other parties in the road industry to assess which quality parameters are most critical with respect to the service life of an asphalt road during the construction phase and how quality management systems introduced during construction improve service life.

Objectives of WP3

  • To collect information about available quality control methods, and their characteristics.
  • To obtain information about practical aspects when applying quality management  strategies and enforcement by contractors and road owners.

Objectives of WP4

  • To validate and evaluate the developed tool through pilot projects.
  • To help identify benefits and practical issues for the user.
  • To present the tool in a way that allows implementation in all EU member states.

Objectives of WP5

  • Manage the project making sure that deliverables are in time and of good quality.
  • Dissemination of created knowledge to relevant stakeholders and other project groups within the call “Energy Efficiency: Materials and Technologies”.