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Consistend – A CEDR Trans-national Research Project

Quality control during the construction process is, next to road design and material selection, an important factor that determines the performance of an asphalt road with respect to its service life. A longer functional life of a road has enormous impact on the carbon footprint of that road due to minimized use of materials and energy during the life cycle. As the construction quality of asphalt roads is largely dependent on the empirical experience of the construction workers, this lack of continuity has a negative effect on the service life performance of a road. Improving construction quality also provides greater certainty of pavement life which in turn assists NRA’s with future maintenance planning. 

This research project, entitled Consistend, aims to combine available data on the influence of construction parameters on service life and to incorporate the combined data into a tool that can perform real time analyses of the effect of quality control measures taken under specific conditions, resulting in a quantified risk reduction. The project is part of the CEDR Trans-national Road Research Programme 2013 ‘Energy Efficiency’.

In this project a tool will be created that will improve the quality of work during construction by improving the understanding of the risks involved in specific road construction circumstances and by providing ways to manage the risks.  The practical use of this tool as part of procurement procedures will be demonstrated in pilot projects and a guideline for implementation by national road authorities and road industry will be provided.